Milestones exists to help students develop into well-rounded individuals

We provide students and families a bridge from structured residential treatment to a more real world environment.  Our students practice daily life skills while tending to their social and emotional well-being. Milestones is a place for students to strengthen their sense of purpose, belonging, self-awareness, and independence with intentional guidance.

Our Program

Our program serves students ages 15-19 who are finishing high school or starting community college. Students have attended prior treatment programs, and for various reasons need the structure and support of a transition program. Milestones students attend the local public high school or community college, obtain jobs in the community, learn independent living skills, receive individual, group, and family therapy, all while living in our cozy homes near downtown Kalispell. Our homes are staffed 24/7, and while students are given independence as they work through the different Milestones, staff are always available.

Length of stay is at least one semester, and can be longer as is clinically and academically appropriate. Students who graduate the Milestones program often head home to finish high school, or to college.

Our Approach

There are four core areas that Milestones provides as vessels for a student’s personal growth and healing work. Each week there are opportunities to apply personal goals to these areas:


Flathead High School, community college, internships, and local in-person classes.

Health and Wellness

Two hours each week with a therapist, process group, house meeting, and local support groups. Fitness and adventure outside and at our local gym. Nutrition curriculum led by a certified nutritionist. 

Life Skills

Groups and one-on-one training around fundamentals such as opening a bank account, scheduling appointments, cooking, deepening Executive Functioning skills, physical health/nutrition, social skills/dating, and securing a job.


Service, school or local intramural team sports, gym membership, job, religious services, clubs, and community events.

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