Our Staff


Program Manager

Missy brings fifteen years of mentoring youth—and the staff that supports them—to her role as Residential Manager of Milestones. She holds the young women enrolled at Milestones to high standards, as she knows them to be fully capable of meeting those standards. Her deepest joy is to lead a program that is helping these young women recognize their irreplaceable value to their families and to society.

After college, Missy ran a residential program in Massachusetts for 14 girls in the state’s foster-care system, a position that required her to ensure the safety of both children and staff. She was also program director for a camp in Massachusetts, directly overseeing the special-needs campers, as well as director of a recreational program in Maryland serving adults and youth with medical and developmental differences. In her free time Missy loves to travel, craft, ski, and spend time with friends.

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