Adventure Therapy

Research teaches that outdoor activity helps combat anxiety and depression.

The Milestones adventure therapy program is intentional to expose to students to healthy risks, challenging them to grow in their physical strength and emotional intelligence. The goal is less about specific skill achievement, and more about trying new activities, yet a natural outcome is often mastery of incredible life hobbies from skiing to climbing to hiking.

The Clinical Benefits

The benefits of regular outdoor adventure extend beyond physical skill development to also help a student grow their social and emotional skills. 

Students help plan the weekly adventures, thereby empowering them to translate these planning skills to their own personal adventures once at home or college. Working together requires a social savviness that can take a life time to master, yet Milestones students get a jump start on this crucial life skill. Working through peer conflict and navigating adventure activities provides important opportunities for students to foster healthy social skills.

Twice a week students and staff visit a local gym where they can choose from swimming, rock climbing, weight lifting, aerobics, and cardio. This is a great way that students build a personal wellness plan, and can determine what type of regular exercise will serve them best post Milestones.

Year-Round Activities


Skiing and Snowboarding


Biking, hiking, yoga, and climbing


Hiking, biking, climbing, and swimming


Hiking, biking, climbing, and yoga

Education for both high school and college-ready students.